At any givin time a customer will get three or four estimates for a job. At least one person will get it right and will be probably be the highest estimate and in most cases will not get the job. People like to think they got a bargain and typically hire the cheap guy. These bargains seem to add up to savings until problems arise. Then a third party has to be the bad guy and tell them everything they had done was wrong or ineffective.

I was called in to give an estimate for mold remediation of this customers attic. We talked about ventilation systems over the phone and was assured that a contractor had already handled that. When I arrived this is what I found. They installed, vents in vented panels. I had to be the bad guy and explain why this didn’t work. Then I had to be a double bad guy and tell them the new insulation installed in the attic would probably have to come back out because no air sealing was completed.

Note: This is the order of repairs for attic mold. Mold remediation first. Ventilation systems second. Air sealing third. Insulation last. Preferably within days of each other.A vent in a vent