realestatecompany-800pxWhen preparing a house for sale, the usual steps are to make sure things are uncluttered, clean, smell nice and are generally spiffed up. As a licensed home inspector and mold remediation contractor, there are four things that I consistently see holding up, slowing down or even be a deal-breaker on a sale. I encourage all sellers to make sure the following items are handled prior to listing and showing a property for sale.
  1. If you live in Massachusetts and have a septic system, a seller is required to have a Title 5 inspection. Have it done and be able to present the certificate to your potential buyer when it passes, or fix what needs to be fixed to make it pass.
  2. There is mold in a great percentage of attics because houses are now so well-insulated with improper ventilation, or maybe there was an ice dam situation. Mold remediation usually takes only a few hours with a transferable warranty to that new buyer.
  3. Have an electrician make sure your electric panel is up to code.
  4. Test the home for radon. Radon testing kits are easily available and simple to use.